Mahtomedi 2018 Tournament Rules

Every coach that is part of the team will need a concussion certificate (coaches should keep this concussion certificate with the player's birth certificates). Coaches who do not complete the training course or do not have a copy of the certificate will be ineligible to coach. All coaches must have team roster, player birth certificates and coach concussion certificates available for inspection.  Any team found to have used an ineligible player will be immediately disqualified from competition.

  1. All teams must be conform to the 2018 MBT Eligibility Regulations.     Levels of play include:
  • AAA” -The highest competitive level and every association shall have the right to enter teams in the AAA League level.
  • AA”- The intermediate level, primarily intended to provide a uniform competitive experience for communities that are not able to compete at the AAA League level or communities that already have teams at the AAA League level.
  • A”- The intermediate level essentially designed to be a developmental league to provide a competitive experience until they are ready to advance to a higher competitive level.


  1. Each team must furnish a new ball for each game played.


  1. Official tournament schedule is on the tournament website.  It is your responsibility to be aware of all changes affecting your team’s play. In case of inclement weather: check the tournament website for any changes.


  1. Home teams shall be determined by coin toss for pool play games.  The higher seed in bracket play may elect to be either the home or away team.


  1. A 10 minute grace period is allowed for a team’s first game of the tournament. Game time is forfeit time for all remaining games.  Forfeited games will count as a 10-0 score.


  1. Ten/Fifteen run rule: The 10/15 run rule is in effect throughout the entire tournament.  At ages 10, 11 & 12 the 10 run rule will take effect after 3 ½ innings if the home team is ahead or after 4 innings if the visiting team is ahead. A 15 run will be in effect after 2 ½ and 3 innings respectively. At ages 13, 14 & 15 the 10 run rule will take effect after 4 ½ innings if the home team is ahead or after 5 innings if the visiting team is ahead. A 15 run rule will be in effect after 3 ½ and 4 innings respectively. 


  1. Pitching/Base Distance Guidelines:              Bat Size Restrictions:

           9, 10 & 11  (46 feet/ 60-65 feet)                           10-15 MYBI has adopted the USA Bat Standard.
           12 & 13 (52 feet/ 75 feet)                                  
           14, 15 (60 feet 6 inches/ 90 feet)                     MBT bat restrictions by age will be enforced for tournaments with MBT bids


        Shoes: 10,11 & 12 Divisions METAL SPIKES ARE NOT ALLOWED.
8.     10 and 11 and Under Modifications:

  •    Leading off/stealing:
    • 10: Base runners may not leave the base until the ball crosses home plate.
    • 11: Base runners may not leave the base until the ball leaves the pitchers hand.
Penalty: If the runner leaves too soon – dead ball, base runner is out.  
  • Dropped third strike: On a dropped third strike, the batter is out; base runners may advance at their own risk. The ball remains live.

9.     12, 13 & 14, 15 Modifications:   MSHSL/National Federation Rules apply to leading off, dropped 3rd strike, etc.

10.   Game Length/Time Limits in Group Play:

  1. 9, 10, 11 & 12’s:  6-inning games/1 hour 45-minute time limit. No new inning shall begin after 1 hour 45 minutes of play.


  1. 13, 14 &15’s:   7-inning games/1 hour – 50 minute time limit. No new inning shall begin after 1 hour 50 minutes of play.


  1. Extra innings will not be played in pool play.


  1. There is no time limit on bracket games.

11.    Re-Entry Rule:   MSHSL rules apply.

  • 10, 11, 12, & 13 age divisions teams must use free substitution and bat the entire bench.  In 10, 11, 12 & 13 only the starting pitcher may reenter the game as a pitcher provided he has not been removed by rule (taken out after a second mound visit).


  • 14 and 15:  All MYAS (Gopher State) Substitution Rules including Starting Pitcher, Extra Hitter (EH)  and Designated Hitter (DH) are governing in this tournament.   Exception:  Replace of injured players and/or courtesy runners.  If an active player sustains an injury that requires them to leave the game and their team has used all of their available substitute players, the coach may substitute for the injured player with the first player on the bench who had previously lost their eligibility via the entry rule. There is no EH for 15U.                                                                                                                                                      

12.   Minimum Number of Players: 
Each team must start the game with 9 players and if due to injury or illness may finish with 8. The affected spot in the batting order is an out.
A team reduced to less than 9 players due to ejection shall forfeit.
13.  Age Restriction:  Subject to MYAS age qualification – May 1st cutoff date.
14.  Pitching Restrictions: Teams must keep track of innings pitched during each game and verify with the opposing coach at the end of each game.

  • 9, 10 and 11: 3 innings per game; 6 per pool; 6 per bracket; cannot exceed 6 per day
  • 12 :  3 innings per game; 7 per pool; 7 per bracket; cannot exceed 7 per day
  • 13:   4 innings per game; 8 per pool; 8 per bracket; cannot exceed 8 per day
  • 14 and 15:  7 innings per game; 12 per pool; 12 per bracket; cannot exceed 10 per day

  Coaches are reminded that the health and safety of their players should be their top priority when making pitching decisions.

  •  Legal Pitches (10,11 & 12) The following pitches will be legal, fast balls, straight change-ups, and knuckle balls. All other pitches (including but not limited to knuckle curves, curve balls, sliders, etc) shall be considered illegal. 1st offense – warning. 2nd offense – pitcher and head coach are disqualified for the remainder of that game.
  • Balks (10 and 11): No balks can be called unless umpire judges the pitcher is intentionally being deceptive.
 Exception: A fake pitch is a dead ball and all runners advance one base. Note: High School rules apply to 12, 13 & 14 & 15.  NOTE:  There will not be any warnings for balks. If a balk is called, it will be enforced. 


  • Mound Visits  Two trips to the mound are allowed per pitcher in a game for 10, 11, 12 & 13-under age groups. On the second trip the pitcher must be removed from the pitcher position. High school rules will apply for the 14 & 15- U age groups.

15. Courtesy Runners  Courtesy runners for the catcher or pitcher will not be allowed at any time during the tournament (15U follows MSHSL/National Federation Rules). In the event of an injury a courtesy runner will be allowed. The courtesy runner will be the last recorded out provided that all players have participated in the game.
16. Only individuals listed on the “official tournament roster” may occupy a position on the bench.  Exception:  One batboy and one scorekeeper may also occupy the bench.
17.   Any player, coach, or manager ejected from a game for an unsportsmanlike act shall be prohibited from participating in any remaining contests in the tournament.  Any parent or fan ejected from a game will not be allowed at any tournament fields for the remainder of the tournament.
18.   There shall be no smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages in, near, or adjacent to any tournament facility.
19.   Suspension of games:  If any portion of the tournament is unplayable due to inclement weather, the tournament director reserves the right to do whatever is necessary to complete the tournament, including but not limited to the changing of the tournament format and shortening or cancellation of games. The Tournament Director shall reach the final decision.
20.   Tie Games (Pool Play): If after regulation the game is tied, each team receives 1 point. There are no extra innings in pool play.
21.   Tie Games (Championship Series):  Games will be played until the winner is determined without time limits.
22.   Bracket Seeding / Tie-Breaking Proceedure

1.  Best Record
2.  Head to Head Play
3.  Least runs allowed
4.  Run differential (maximum 10 in any one game)
5.  Runs Scored
6.  Coin Flip
23. Additional Rules  Any rules or situations not addressed above will follow MBT guidelines.