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Weather Related Issues (2015) Game Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy

Weather Related Cancellations or Game Day Cancellations:

  • Monitor Community Ed Hotline (651-407-2020) for updates. If CE cancels games/practices due to weather they will do so by 3:00 and at that point ALL home games & practices for that date will be cancelled.
  • If CE does not cancel all games and practices, then it becomes the coach’s decision to cancel or not cancel the game.
  • Please call UIC (see contact info) to inform him of ALL game day cancellations
  • Provide: field site and level
  • Do not contact Field Scheduler

Cancelling and Rescheduling of MYBI Home Games 2015
Cancellation of Any Home Game at Any Time:

  • Coach to notify the field scheduler AND the Umpire in Chief (UIC) immediately when any home game is cancelled
  • Provide the following information:
    • Date
    • Field Site
    • Level
Rescheduling of Home Games:
  • Contact the Field Scheduler to get a date, time and field for the re-scheduled game
  • Allow for a minimum of one weekend if possible between the cancelled game and the re-scheduled game
  • The Field Scheduler will provide the level as well as the new date, time and field information to the UIC
  • The UIC will enter the re-scheduled game onto the Master Field Schedule as a confirmation that the game is on the UIC’s list of games to be assigned
  • If you do not see the re-scheduled game on the Master Field Schedule within a couple of days after working with the Field Scheduler, then please contact the Field Scheduler to re-confirm the make-up game information. The Field Scheduler will contact the UIC as needed.

Note: At no time during the re-scheduling process should a coach contact the UIC to see if an umpire may be available for a tentative date or if an umpire has been scheduled for the make-up game. This only increases the number of e-mails and at times can create unnecessary confusion.
Field Scheduler Contact Information:
Ole Olson
Cell Phone: 651-214-8810
Umpire in Chief (UIC) Contact Information:
Alyssa Malmer
Cell Phone: 612-272-5216
Home Phone: 651-773-3970

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